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  • Harrisburg Educational Article of the Month - What to Do About a Trap-Shy Rat

What to Do About a Trap-Shy Rat

What to Do About a Trap-Shy Rat

Just like other Pennsylvania rodents, rat can cause serious program to attic, homes mostly in the kitchen and others. It can damage your foods and burrow on your walls and even disturb your sweet night sleep with cracking noise. There are different ways to get rid of rat from your Harrisburg home, yard, attic and others. You can use a repellent such as Evictor Strobe Light and others but if they still prove stubborn and never go away what you need is trapping method. The trap comes in various forms and types and some of them include electronic rat traps, trap, glue trap, time honored wooden snap trap and others.

Solution to a Trap-Shy Rat
Indeed, Pennsylvania rats are canny and clever animals never easy to catch with trap. For that reason, you must ensure that you cover your hands while setting the trap and bait the trap before you will be able to catch a rat on your trap. But, the problem is always what to do about a trap-shy rat to avoid it struggling and wounding itself. Making use of a snap trap is an inhumane way of killing a rat but if it happened to be your last option you need to be careful while removing the rat. You must ensure that the rat is completely died to avoid rat bite. If the shy-rat is already died, you have to wear a rubber glove; open the snap by pulling it back before removing the rat. Then, throw died rat into an open trash container or bag for disposal.

How to Deal With Trap-Shy Rat on Live Trap
If you catch a Harrisburg shy-rat with a live rat trap, the best thing for you to do is to ensure that you relocate it far away from your home before setting it lose from the trap. But, you must also ensure that you let the rat lose where there are not houses around. This is to avoid the neighbors from having to suffer problems associated with rat infestation.

Make Sure You Pick Up Died Trap-Shy Rat to Avoid Stench
You should be ready for real disgusting odor in your Pennsylvania home if you do not check your snap trap often and allow rat to die and rot in it. More so, if you are putting died rat into a trash can, you must ensure that the trash bag or container be remove quickly. The stench from dead Harrisburg rat can cause, serious discomfort in your home and even result to disease if not removed as soon as possible.

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